Expert in bonds and guarantees


Bonding for your sector

Your business partners ask you for guarantees and securities to be certain that you will perform your contractual obligations. Bonding with Euler Hermes gives them the necessary security to start lasting and trustful business relations.  ​

​By requesting your bonds from us, you retain your financial scope. Unlike banks, we do not limit your credit with us. Nor does Euler Hermes Garanties require in principle any collateral securities from you, such as a mortgage or pledge of inventory or claims. Nor do we block any bank balances.

What is bonding?

An essential guarantee for your contractors and a flexible alternative to bank bonding to safeguard your liquidity. 
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Key benefits

Release additional liquidity to finance your business development and give the necessary security for lasting business relations. 
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Unmatched expertise

With over 90 years expertise in global bonding, we are one of the most experienced players in the bonding market.​
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