Our credit insurance solutions



The economy is constantly moving. Threats and opportunities continually occur. Therefore, it is important to anticipate on the different needs of our clients in various sectors and countries. We do not only offer certainty of payment, but always think a step ahead and along with you.

​By providing customised solutions, we can compile a policy that exactly meets your wishes and needs. This is done for all sorts of companies, ranging from small to large, importing or exporting. For different possibilities, please click on of the options below or go straight to the menu on the left.


Credit insurance for small companies
Of all Dutch companies, most companies are working in the small and medium segment. Euler Hermes provides powerful information and support that your business might not have otherwise.

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Large Enterprises

Medium and large companies
Whether you want to expand your business in domestic or international markets or protect your key financial accounts, our credit insurance solutions provide your business with the security and knowledge to succeed.
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Credit insurance for multinationals
With Euler Hermes, multinationals are ensured of tailor made solutions. These vary from a turnover credit insurance to calamity insurance and separate solutions.

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