​The economic outlook for the construction sector in the Netherlands is not good. Large construction projects are decreasing and existing projects are cancelled, which results in a decrease of employment. However, this does not count for the ground, road and water construction. Because of long term projects the construction in this subsectors will remain stable.

Your risk
Companies in the construction sector should take the increase of prices of raw materials, negative margins and the change in the tax law into account. Credit risks will increase because of these developments.
The economic crisis of 2010 keeps having impact on the Dutch economy and its construction sector.
Our advice
We help you minimise your payment risks. Within Euler Hermes Netherlands a specialised team of experts is assessing the developments in the construction sector. This way, we can advise you in time on important developments and risks so you can do business without qualms.
  • FOSAG Sector Policy
  • VMO Sector Policy

​Cooperations, expansion of activities and an increase of sole proprieties are characteristics of the painting and glass sector. You want to do business quick and safe so that you can continue to grow and improve your competitive position. The FOSAG Sector Policy fits the needs of your sector.

Your advantages
• Knowledge about the painting and glass sector
• Tailor made solution
• Premium discount
• Coverage on private payment risks
• Clear online overview of important policy and risk information
​Shorter time periods, reduction of series and increasing export opportunities bring along financial risks. With extensive knowledge about the metalworking, electronics, mechanical/electronics and allied sectors in the Netherlands and abroad, we make sure you can do business without qualms.
Your advantages
• Knowledge about the sector
• Tailor made solution that meet the needs of the sector
• Premium discount for VMO members
• Standard long additional coverage of made production costs
• Advanced payment of claims in case of insolvency or bankruptcy
• Clear online overview of important policy and risk information