Employment sector

​Through the increasing international mobility the outlook for this sector is partly positive. Because of the economy, unemployment is rising in the Netherlands. And the employment sector is one of the first sectors that is negatively impacted by this.
Your risk
Clients who do not pay or who hesitate to pay when operating in the employment industry are a major risk. Also the reporting of invoices older than 60 days from key customers is difficult because of the fear of losing customers. Still this is a large risk. Through all these developments on micro- and macro level, payment risks increase.
Our advice
We will help you minimise your payment risks. In addition we follow the developments in the employment industry very carefully. As a result we can give advice in time about important market developments and possible risks so that you can do business without qualms.
  • ABU
  • NBBU and abcfinance
​The ABU (Federation of Private Employment Agencies) has been the main representative for private employment agencies in the Netherlands since 1961. With 400 members, the ABU represents more than 60 percent of the market. This makes the ABU the largest and most important employers' organisation in the employment agency sector.
Together, the ABU members realise more than 298 million employment agency hours per year. In doing so they help hundreds of thousands of temporary workers find work and have work experience and thousands of companies find flexible temporary workers.
The employment agency sector fills 1.4 million temporary jobs each year and 735,000 people are able to work via private employment agencies each year. This makes the sector the largest employer in the Netherlands.
ABU and Euler Hermes
The ABU has signed a framework agreement with Euler Hermes for the benefit of its members. This framework agreement is based on the specific services in the flex sector, namely giving employment. Because of that, members of the ABU can benefit from attractive and suiting conditions.
​The NBBU is the branch organization for small and medium-sized enterprises in the temporary employment industry. The association represents the collective interests of over 750 flex organizations in its broadest sense and supporting them in business.
Abcfinance is a professional all-round credit management service provider that has helped Dutch companies with credit management and minimizing the credit risks for over ten years.
NBBU, abcfinance and Euler Hermes
NBBU-members get access to a comprehensive package of credit risk and management services at an attractive member’s discount. Euler Hermes and Credit Force have jointly developed a modular service that perfectly matches the specific needs of the Dutch temporary employment industry. NBBU members get a special member discount and a welcome offer. The modular service package provides credit information, ensuring credit risk, accounts receivable financing, credit management and debt collection.