​The sector forecast for the industry sector is moderately negative. Especially within the metal sector, many businesses will be forced to set multidisciplinary collaborations. The number of collaborations will grow because of the increasing complexity of the products as well as the difficulty in combining the materials.
Your risk
The number one reason that the percentage of economic growth will decrease is the increase in prices of raw materials. However, the economic crisis will has major effect on the Netherlands as well. This will also influence the Dutch industry sector. This in combination with a reliable position regarding customers increases companies' payment risk.
Our advice
We will help you to decrease payment risks. Within Euler Hermes, a number of specialists will closely follow the industry sector developments. As a result we can give advice in time about important market developments and possible risks so that you can do business without worries.
To anticipate to the specific needs of companies in the industry sector, Euler Hermes has a cooperation with trade sector organisation NOVE.
  • NOVE Sector Policy
​The oil and gas industry is dynamic with lots of competition and margins that is subjected to pressure. You want to do business quickly so that you can continue to grow and enter new businesses at the right time. Therefore, NOVE and Euler Hermes make sure you can do business without qualms. The NOVE Sector Policy is a tailor made credit insurance for the oil and gas industry.
Your advantages
  • Expertise and knowledge about the oil and gas industry
  • Tailor made credit insurance
  • Collections of uninsured claims on a no win no fee basis
  • Approved Dutch NOVE terms of delivery and payment
  • High coverage percentage
  • 15% discount on insurance premium for NOVE members
  • Fast and efficient settlement of claims